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  1. TYR EPB Burner Training Fins
    Our Price €19.33 MSRP €36.39
  2. TYR Burner Fin 2.0 - Black
    Our Price €35.25 MSRP €43.21
  3. Arena Powerfin Pro - Red/ White/ Black
    Our Price €58.00 MSRP €81.89
  4. Arena Powerfin Pro - White/ Shark
    Our Price €58.00 MSRP €81.89
  5. Arena Powerfin Pro - Blue/ Yellow
    Our Price €58.00 MSRP €81.89
  6. Arena Powerfin Pro - Blue
    Our Price €56.86 MSRP €72.79
  7. Arena Powerfin Pro - White/ Black/ Teal
    Our Price €58.00 MSRP €81.89
  8. Speedo Long Blade Fins
    Our Price €28.43 MSRP €33.54
  9. Maru Limited Edition Training Fins - Black/ Silver/ Gold
    Our Price €28.99 MSRP €31.84
  10. Aquasphere Alpha Fins - Blue
    Our Price €27.29 MSRP €30.70
  11. Speedo Training Fins - Fluro Tangerine/ Pool Blue/ Blue Flame
    Our Price €48.90 MSRP €56.86
  12. Speedo Biofuse Fitness Fins - Fluro Tangerine/ Pool Blue/ Blue Flame
    Our Price €39.80 MSRP €45.49
  13. Finis Junior Booster Swim Fins
    Our Price €27.29 MSRP €30.70
  14. TYR Flex Fins
    Our Price €16.48 MSRP €30.70
  15. TYR Crossblade Fins 2.0
    Our Price €30.70 MSRP €34.11
  16. Maru Training Fins - Red / White / Blue
    Our Price €21.60 MSRP €31.84
  17. Aqua Sphere Microfin Training Fin - Black / Black
    Our Price €31.84 MSRP €35.25
  18. Aquasphere Microfin JR - Yellow / Black
    Our Price €31.84 MSRP €35.25
  19. Aquasphere Microfin Junior - Black / Black
    Our Price €31.84 MSRP €35.25
  20. Aquasphere Microfin Junior - Blue / Black
    Our Price €31.84 MSRP €35.25
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Swim Training Fins

Swim training fins are an essential item for any kit bag. Swimmers of all abilities use swim fins to develop their speed and strength.

Wearing training fins in the pool will help you swim faster, increasing your speed in the water without tiring you out quicker.

The effect of using swim fins has many benefits to swimmers. It helps to train your upper body to swim at a faster pace, while also increasing flexibility and strength in your ankles and calf muscles as a result of the increased resistance.

When you're looking to buy swim fins, make ProSwimwear your first place to visit. We stock training fins and swimming flippers from all the top brands, at great prices.

We also stock an impressive monofin swimming collection, which features training aids such as the FINIS Evo Monofin and the FINIS Rapid Monofin. Swim training fins such as these have been designed to help develop your dolphin kick.

In addition to our monofin collection, we also stock a selection of mermaid fins for swimming. These colourful designs are hugely popular with kids, being fun to use while also developing strength and technique.

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