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Swimming Hand Paddles

Using swimming hand paddles as part of your training is an excellent way of building upper body strength as well as improving stroke technique.

These swim paddles are designed to be worn on the hands to create extra drag while you're swimming through the water.

In competition, you'll want to limit drag as much as possible. But during training, wearing swimming hand paddles will make you work harder due to the increased levels of resistance you're having to swim through.

Not only are you strengthening your arms and upper body, you'll also notice improvements to your stroke technique. These swim paddles are designed to promote the perfect hand position in the water, which in turn encourages a proper arm technique.

Swimming hand paddles are available in various colours and styles, and we stock all the top swim brands including Speedo, Arena, FINIS, MP Michael Phelps, Maru, TYR, Mad Wave, Zoggs and more.

Swim paddles are lightweight and small, so are easy to store in any swim bag. Start training with them today, and you'll soon notice the benefit!

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