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Land Training For Swimmers

No Pool? No problem! At ProSwimwear we have everything a swimmer needs to stay sharp for their next race, even when they are out of the pool. Whether it’s a warm-up, strength and conditioning training or recovery, when you aren’t able to get in the pool we have the best variety of swimmers’ dry land training equipment so that you can stay race-ready.

Not all swim training has to happen in the pool. There is an endless variety of different dry land exercises and training techniques that you can adopt to enhance your swim. Having some swimmers’ training equipment for dry land can help you define singular parts of your swim, or help improve your swim as a whole. Some of the equipment you can get includes leg straps, stretch bands, resistance loops, skipping ropes, foam rollers and more!

Each piece of land training equipment ensures that you can get the most from your time out of the water. For each piece of equipment there are various different exercises such as calves and quads with the foam roller or exercises for internal and external rotation with the resistance bands! These are just a few examples of many different things you can do even with one piece of land training equipment!

We stock land training equipment for swimmers from a variety of incredible brands who know what swimmers need in and out of the pool. You can get this equipment from Stretchcordz, MadWave and Fitness Mad!

Dry Land Exercises For Swimmers

Check out our blog post, 13 Dryland Exercises, for some inspiration on how to start your land training for swimming journey! Get your equipment today, and don’t let being out of the pool stop you from being ready!

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