• In this section you will find boy's fitness swimwear. If you can't find your size, please visit our men's sections, where you will find a range of other sizes.

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Our boy's fitness swimwear collection features swimming jammers, trunks, swim briefs and aquashorts in junior sizes. We have plenty of brands on offer in our boys fitness swimming section. From well known household names like Speedo, to some lesser-known but spectacular quality brands which you might not have heard of before, so get started with your shopping today!

Most of the boys swimming costumes that you find in this section are made from Extra Life Lycra, a material famed for a perfect balance between comfort, fit and longevity. Extra Life Lycra provides the swimmer with a soft and comfortable feeling against the skin. It has higher stretch properties than some other materials (like Polyester), giving you an excellent swimsuit fit and a hassle-free swim. Most Extra Life Lycra boys swimsuits will last up to 10x longer than traditional untreated Lycra. If your boy loves to swim often, and also wants some of the brightest and most fun designs around, then a swimsuit from this section is the perfect choice for him!

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